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The Farmhouse Next Door

Almost everyone has the dream of someday owning their first home. My husband and I have been desperately chasing this dream for years now – and before we could even believe it, our chance fell right into our laps.

We got pre-approved, searched high & low, discussed must-haves & could-live-withouts & found a house we could make our own. All within a week. AAAaaaa WEEEKKK! Crazy, huh? It’s kind of like finding the love of your life, when ya know, ya know.

So here it is. This cute little piece of heaven that will be our home. Don’t those gables say farmhouse? Maybe someday there will be cedar shutters and an oversized porch on the front. Guess ya’ll will just have to wait & see.

The days are quickly going by and we are now less than a month away from closing on our first house. Our nerves are high, hearts racing & palms sweating. We still have the appraisal & official loan documentation – but something drastic would have to occur for this house not to happen.

With this dream coming true, another dream of mine can finally begin. I have always wanted to have a blog. I figured my life would never be fascinating enough for followers, but honestly, I don’t even care at this point. I just want to document all the little honey-do’s and projects I have in store for this classic suburban house.

So let me explain something before we get too far . . .
Never, EVER & I seriously mean NEVER… did I think I would end up in a cliche suburban neighborhood where I’m the third beige house on the right. I have always despised cookie-cutter houses. I grew up in a 100 year old farmhouse in a small Kansas town. My love of original woodwork, shiplap, farmhouse sinks & vintage copper is comparable to Chip Gaines’s love of #demoday. (If you do not know who Chip Gaines is . . . stop what you’re doing & go binge-watch Fixer Upper on Netflix. You’re welcome.)  

That being said, after years of struggling to lock down the location of our future home, we made the huge decision of where we wanted to be. And that was near family & friends. Only problem with that, is there’s not a farmhouse, craftsman, bungalow or victorian house within our area unless you wanna shell out a million bucks. Everyone can do that, right? Anyway, the decision to start looking in suburbia and settle down where our kiddos could have their best friends next door was made.

With all my complaining of cookie-cutter houses, you may wonder… ‘well, do you even like your house?’ Yes, I love our house that we are purchasing. There was just a feeling about it when I walked in that felt like coming home. Is it what I’ve always dreamed of? No. Not even close. But it’s got the ‘feeling’, bones, layout & location that we love. And guess what, I can personalize the hell out of it to make it my Suburban Farmhouse.

Hence, how ‘The Farmhouse Next Door’ Blog was born.

So head on over and subscribe to my blog, because the DIYer, Kansas ‘Fixer Upper’, small town country girl is about to turn a cliche suburban house into a one of a kind farmhome in the city.

Stay tuned 🙂